Dear investors,
Allow us to present the bond subscription of Debt Management Center s.r.o. on behalf of our parent company, operating in the debt financing market in Central Europe. As you have surely registered, the situation around "Brexit" has caused logistical, administrative and legislative problems for many companies operating in the common European market on the one hand, but has given rise to many business and investment opportunities on the other.

Due to the constant increase in our customers from the Central European region, limited competition in the debt financing market in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland and, last but not least, very high demand for accelerated debt financing through our main product - Factoring (see below) - we have decided to fully enter the debt financing market through our branch on the Czech market in order to achieve the maximum standard of client services and speed up the entire administration process and thus transactions themselves. Due to the unclear future regarding the harmonization of EU legislation in the UK, current administration through our UK office is no longer fully possible; all our clients and their transactions have been and are being transferred to new legislation in line with business practices in the Central European market.

We are therefore coming to the Czech market with a standardized product with an extremely efficient, long-term optimized process of processing, evaluation and insurance of transactions in a non-stop 24/7 regime for all customers, i.e. a concept that has managed to gain us a position in this huge but often unattractive and invisible financing market for non-participants in the past which, however, surpasses standard banking products and options in many cases and situations.

If you have any questions,
do not hesitate to write to us